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Why You Should Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

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The health benefits of professional carpet cleaning include boosted immunity against flu season in the fall and winter and allergies in the spring and summer. These benefits are some of the many reasons to use professional carpet cleaning. Homeowners mustn’t overlook the power of professional carpet cleaning services. 

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning 

Professional carpet cleaning will deliver the cleanliness and health benefits homeowners desire. From the knowledge and expertise of trained technicians to the method and quality of their work, professional carpet cleaning offers benefits that make hiring professionals the obvious choice. Some other cleaning services can include rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Below are a few of the health benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

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Improved Air Quality

Carpets naturally attract indoor air pollutants. Indoor air pollution like dirt, dust, pet dander and dust mites collect within the home and embeds in carpets. Choosing to use a carpet cleaning service will ensure the right method, products, and equipment are used to care for a carpet. Moreover, a professional carpet cleaning service will effectively remove debris and rid carpets of pathogens and bacteria. Therefore, one of the health benefits of professional carpet cleaning is improved air quality. In other words, carpet cleaning services can help families breathe easier.

Deter Mold and Mildew

When cleaning the carpet without professional help, homeowners often use excess detergent and water. Consequently, there is an increased potential for mold and mildew to develop. Professional carpet cleaning services use methods like hot water extraction and steam cleaning to mitigate this risk. These methods are chemical-free with a shorter drying time. As a result, one of the health benefits of professional carpet cleaning includes preventing mold and mildew exposure.

How much is professional carpet cleaning?

Pricing for professional carpet cleaning services depends on the number and size of the rooms our technicians need to clean. Please call us for a free quote.

What is the best way to clean the carpet?

The best way to deep clean a carpet is using the hot water steam extraction method!

How long does carpet cleaning take?

Carpet cleaning takes one to two hours, depending on the square footage of the area we need to clean.

No Harsh Chemicals

Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are two popular methods of professional carpet cleaning. These methods sanitize carpets safely. That is to say, without harsh chemicals going into the home or recycling into community areas when sent down the drain. Hot water extraction heats water to over 200 degrees to sterilize on contact. Steam cleaning also heats water over 200 degrees and continues to heat until the machine converts all of the water into steam. By using no chemicals, or gentler detergents with either hot water extraction or steam cleaning, a professional cleaner will ensure a safer home and environment.

Professionally cleaned carpets keep hazards like mold and chemicals at bay. Likewise, getting carpets cleaned professionally is a fantastic way to provide immediate relief from health issues like allergies. Moreover, carpet cleaning helps homeowners stay safe from the long term health effects of breathing low-quality air. Professional carpet cleaning gives homeowners peace of mind in addition to the valuable health benefits the service provides. Professional carpet cleaning’s added benefits are proper stain removal and exceptional cleaning quality that leave carpets fresh and prolong their integrity. 

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Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service 

Different carpet cleaning companies will offer various methods of carpet cleaning. Green T Services’ preferred method is hot water extraction. Our process brightens carpets, avoids harsh chemicals, and eliminates pollutants, all with a fast dry time. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to produce thorough cleaning. If there is a stain or just a routine cleaning, Green T Services will offer quality service with all the health benefits a professional carpet cleaning provides. Give us a call at 630-977-7777 to learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services today.