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Your Lawn Can Stay Lush, Whatever the Weather

Keeping a lawn healthy through the ups and downs of the weather feels like a full-time job. The sun scorches it. The cold freezes it. And the in-between? Let’s not talk about the muddy mess.

That’s where we come in. We’ve studied Chicagoland suburbs’ unique climate and soil conditions down to a science. It’s not about just throwing seeds and hoping for the best. It’s about knowing the right nutrients and methods to create a tailored lawn care plan that adapts. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, your lawn stays lush. You just enjoy your lawn all year round.

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Feel like you’re always stuck in the weeds? Get your weekends back!

Let’s be honest. Weekends are for recharging, not for figuring out which fertilizer to use just to keep your lawn from looking dull and dry. Your time is valuable, and spending it on lawn care isn’t exactly what you’d call “living the dream.”

When you add up the hours, you realize that lawn care is almost like a second job. A job that comes without a paycheck, might we add. Plus, who wants to spend their weekends on YouTube tutorials about soil pH levels?

Hand over the trowel and put down the rake —  we’ve got you covered. All those Saturday mornings you’ve lost to weeding? Think of them as returned to you. More time for coffee, for family, or for simply doing nothing.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
A happy family and their dog relaxing on lush grass in front of their home, showcasing the beauty of a lawn maintained by local lawn care services

Finally, lawn care that ‘just gets it’

Ever noticed how some plants thrive in your neighbor’s yard but not in yours? That’s not just luck; it’s about understanding the unique makeup of your lawn, the plants that you grow, and the specific care and nutrients they need through the seasons.

The good news? Local wisdom can be your secret weapon. Our team includes over 400 Chicagoland residents who know the city’s quirks like the back of their hand. We’re not just experts in lawn care; we’re also your neighbors who experience the same lawn challenges you do, so trust us when we say “we get it.”

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
Children and a dog joyfully play on a well-maintained lawn, showcasing the vibrant results of professional lawn care services, with a picturesque suburban home in the background

Uproot your lawn worries before they grow out of control.

Grab your no-obligation, free estimate now.

What we can do for you

Lawn care programs

Custom plans for fertilization, weed control, and seasonal needs.

Lawn aeration and overseeding

Improve soil structure and fill in bare spots for a lush lawn.


Targeted treatments to both prevent and control troublesome lawn diseases.

Tree and shrub care

Nourish and protect your valuable trees and shrubs.

Pest and grub control

Eliminate destructive bugs to maintain a healthy lawn.

Mosquito control

Reduce mosquito numbers for more enjoyable outdoor living.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews

Worried your bill will grow faster than your grass?

Ever opened a bill and felt like you’re being taken for a ride? We get it. That’s why our pricing model is as transparent as they come. You should know exactly what you’re paying for—down to the last blade of grass treated.

We put it all out there, no hidden fees or charges that sprout out of nowhere. Every treatment, every add-on, and even the small stuff is clearly listed so you can budget without breaking a sweat. We want you to be as comfortable with our prices as you are lounging on your lush and healthy lawn.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
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Hear what our clients have to say

Deborah D.
Read More
Every tech that comes to take care of my lawn is so very nice. They take time to talk about my lawn and answer any questions I have. I will continue to refer any one who asks about my beautiful green grass!
Sarah C.
Read More
I have been using Green T For my lawn this year, and honestly my lawn has never looked better. My lawn looks amazing! I highly recommend!
Jeff O.
Read More
I switched to Green T 3 years ago and could not be any more pleased! My lawn has never looked so good....I get compliment after compliment about how thick and green it always is. 
Lon R.
Read More
I have had this company service my lawn for a few seasons now and am pretty happy with the results for the price. My lawn became greener, almost weed free, and fuller over time. Good company with good business ethics.
Kevin W.
Read More
I am so glad I have been using these guys the past 3 years! My lawn looks great, but overall what I think makes me happiest is the customer service.

Get a lawn that’s the envy of your neighbourhood

When you really think about it, your lawn is like the welcome mat to your home. A well-tended, healthy green space doesn’t just improve your home’s curb appeal; it can actually add to its value. 

Whether you’re hosting a garden party, lounging on a sunny afternoon, or letting the kids and pets roam free, a standout lawn can make all the difference.

No need for flashy garden gnomes or extravagant water features; let the quality of your lawn speak for itself. So while anyone can treat and go, our aim is to bring a level of expertise that can turn your outdoor space into something special.

Questions around lawn care

Do you offer organic lawn care options?

Yes, we provide a range of organic treatments that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

Early morning or late afternoon generally works well, as it minimizes evaporation. However, your specific lawn care plan will take into account soil type and local climate conditions.

Effective weed control is all about timing and the right products. We offer targeted treatments that will eliminate weeds without damaging your lawn.

Absolutely. Whether it’s spring fertilization or winter protection, your lawn is taken care of throughout the year.

Certainly. We understand every lawn is unique, which is why we offer packages that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

With us, what you see is what you pay. We provide detailed estimates and keep you informed about any additional costs. There won’t be any hidden fees.

While your lawn isn’t as active in colder months, winter care can set the stage for a healthy spring resurgence. We offer services designed to protect your lawn during the winter.

Lawn aeration improves soil structure, allowing your grass to breathe and better absorb nutrients. Seeding complements aeration by filling in thin spots and introducing hardier grass varieties. Together, they’re a powerful combo for lawn health.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews