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Your door? It’s right there at the beginning and end of every day. It says, “Welcome” to friends and, “Goodbye” to the world outside. It’s also your first and last line of defense. The thought of keeping your family safe can keep anyone up at night, especially with an old, shaky door. Our goal is simple: to upgrade to doors that not only look good but make your home secure. After all, it’s more than just a door—it’s about kicking back and feeling safe at home. Because, really, isn’t that what home is all about?

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Those sneaky drafts also get into your energy bills

Feeling drafts around your door is like seeing dollar signs on your energy bills, right? Drafts are budget bandits, and our door replacement services aren’t just about saving on bills; they’re about keeping your home cozy. No more chilly surprises and no more crazy energy bills. Get a front door replacement that keeps the drafts out, your comfort in, and money in your wallet.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
Professional installer concentrating on a door replacement service, securing a new door in a brick home entryway, equipped with all necessary tools

Welcome home in style

Our door replacement services are like a personalized shopping spree for your home – from the classic charm of front entry doors to the warm embrace of patio doors and the sturdy tales of storm doors. Find the perfect fit for your unique style and personality, and choose a door that doesn’t just open and close – but also feels like an extension of you.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
door replacement services

Hear what our clients have to say:

Elia R.
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CHAOUKI was great, he fixed my door quickly and provided excellent service. Would highly recommend this company the price is affordable as well.
Holly C.
Read More
Adam did a great job installing our front door! Very courteous and excellent work!
Monika L.
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Daniel and Abby were great to work with. Our installation expert was Adam, and he was friendly, and did a great job. I would highly recommend them!
Mary V.
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We were really impressed by the install crew, Noah and Josh. We all know that the upfront employees can be great but it all comes down to the install. These guys were beyond professional, experienced, and most importantly detail oriented.
Rosemary M.
Read More
I love that this is a family owned business. Everyone that I had contact with (Becca, John, Kevin) were so friendly and helpful. This is only the second time I have used Green T but I am sure I will continue to call them for other services. I will recommend them to my friends and family too.

Our door replacement services

Set a whole new standard for home security and efficiency. Our door replacement services bring the best in safety and operational excellence, giving you a fresh take on reliability and practicality.

Entry Doors

Security and efficiency are guaranteed with our range of front door replacements. Made with high-quality steel and fiberglass, they're exactly what your home deserves. Green T is also your authorized Therma-Tru dealer, promising an extra layer of sophistication and quality for your home's first hello.

Patio Doors

Made with care using uPVC, our sliding patio doors stand strong against the test of time.  No rust, no warping – just lasting beauty. Our Super Spacer® Warm-Edge technology keeps things crystal clear, making sure that your home feels like an extension of the great outdoors.

Storm Doors

Our lineup of storm doors doesn’t just protect against the elements; they keep your home energy efficient. Pick your view height, choose a finish – and voilà, you've got a door that's as unique as you are. Give your home a major style boost while keeping it safe and sturdy no matter the weather.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews

Enjoy an open-door policy on pricing

Door replacement costs should be as transparent as your front window. No funny business. Our commitment? No surprises, no hidden costs. We lay it all out on the table, clear and simple. Say goodbye to quote headaches, and let’s have an honest chat. Because, hey, your door deserves a price tag that makes sense, right?

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews
Handyman repairing a door with a power drill.

We're bringing the door expertise straight to your doorstep, literally.

Get your free, no-obligation quote now.

No racket, no rubble, just doors installed silently and efficiently

Ever worry about the racket and mess that can come with a door replacement? That’s precisely why we’ve fine-tuned our process to prioritize your comfort. Precision and care are our secret ingredients. And the mess? Don’t sweat it. Before we even start, we’ve got measures in place to keep things clean. No dust bunnies taking over. After we’re done, it’s not a “see ya, good luck with the cleanup” situation. Nope, we handle that too. You’ll come home to a space as neat as you left it, just now, with a sleek new door that adds security and style.

Questions around door replacement Services

How do I know if my front door needs replacement?

If your door is looking a bit worse for wear, struggling to open or close, or letting in drafts, it’s probably time for a change. Our door experts kick things off with a no-risk consultation to figure out exactly what your front door needs.

Think of it as a menu of options. Fibreglass is like the chameleon of doors – versatile and energy-efficient. Steel, on the other hand, is your security superhero. We’ll guide you through the options, helping you pick the one that not only lasts but looks good doing it.

We’re all about efficiency without sacrificing quality. The time it takes depends on your door and its complexity. We’ll give you the scoop during our initial chat and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We get the importance of energy efficiency. Our replacement doors come with top-notch insulation features. Let’s chat about the choices that’ll make your home cosier and cut down on those energy bills.

Safety first, right? Our replacement doors come with all the bells and whistles – strong locks, reinforced frames, and materials that can take a hit. We’re here to understand your security needs and recommend a personalized solution.

Your home, your style. We offer a range of designs for your replacement door. Whether you’re into classic vibes or a more modern look, we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.

Yup, it sure can. A good-looking front door not only ups your curb game but adds value too. Plus, the extra security features and energy efficiency? It’s like a bonus for your property’s worth.

We like to keep things simple. Your new front door won’t demand much. A regular clean with some mild soap and water usually does the trick. We’ll fill you in on the details during our chat.

We stand by our work, and that’s why we offer warranties. We’ll talk you through the terms and coverage, making sure you’re confident in your door replacement choice.

Home upgrades are an investment. That’s why we offer financing options. Let’s talk about plans and find one that suits your budget, making your door replacement a breeze.

4.3 stars out of 434 Google Reviews