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When To Replace Garage Door: Repair or Replace?

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When to replace garage door? When a garage door system starts to wear down, homeowners must either repair or replace their garage doors. If you are asking yourself, “should I repair or replace my garage door?” understanding what and how many parts of the system are damaged will help you find your answer. 

Signs you need garage door repair

When deciding whether to repair or place a garage door, it is crucial to determine what response is appropriate for the issues at hand. To help homeowners understand the difference, here are three signs a garage door may require repair:

Rattling and noises

  • Sometimes, garage door noises mean homeowners need to tighten their garage door hinges. On the other hand, these noises can indicate a more dangerous part, like a torsion spring, that needs replacement. The bottom line is that a garage door should not be unusually noisy

Safety sensor issues

  • Sensors are a critical safety component of the garage door system. They protect people, animals, and objects from the dangerous force of garage door closing incorrectly. If a garage door has issues closing, it may be due to the sensor. From the power supply to water damage, there are many reasons that a sensor may not send and receive a signal properly. 

Off-balance or misaligned garage door system

  • Worn down cables or a weakened motor can cause a garage door to lean towards one direction or bend unnaturally. This imbalance typically leads to more gaps around the garage door and, consequently, security risks. 

There are a wide array of causes for each of these issues requiring repair. Some are dangerous to the safety of individual’s homes and loved ones. Others will progress to significantly more damage for a garage door if left unattended. Regular garage door maintenance and repair prevents safety hazards and extends the lifespan of garage doors. That is to say, in addition to identifying the need for repair homeowners should participate in a regular garage door maintenance program to prevent future problems. 

How often should you replace a garage door?

Manufacturers generally estimate that garage doors last over a decade. The higher quality the door, the longer it will last because it is well-made and uses better materials for the system. These materials may include springs, hardware, and other sections. Additionally, the level of use and participation in a regular maintenance program will influence how long the door is likely to last.

What is the cost to replace a garage door?

On average, a garage door replacement can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The labor and design will influence the cost. In addition, whether it is a single or double garage door will be a factor.

Can I replace my garage door myself?

Someone could technically replace a garage door themselves, however, it is not the safest option. Replacing a garage door is a dangerous task with a lot of parts that need to go right. The potential to be crushed or cut or damage valuable garage door parts is why it is best to hire a garage door professional.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

After homeowners have examined the possibility of garage door repair, they may find that their garage door needs fall into the category of garage door replacement. The following list can help individuals decide if certain parts of their garage door system are not satisfactory, and it is time for a full door replacement.

Garage Door Constantly Needs Repairs

  • An old garage door can lead to the need for frequent repairs that can be too much to keep up with. Typically, problems that show up repeatedly are a safety hazard. Over time, homeowners can expect a door like this to continue to break down with wear and age. That is why it makes sense from a financial and safety standpoint to replace a garage door with constant maintenance needs. 

Garage Door Opens Slowly

  •  Slower speeds and delayed reaction times often mean a garage door cannot work the same way it used to. If a garage door system does not work as intended, it could be time to replace it altogether.

Appearance Looks Weird

  • Dents and imperfections add up as time goes by. Weather and contact with the door can lead to it wearing down. Replacing a door will change a home’s curb appeal and can transform its look overall.

Both garage door repair and garage door replacement are good choices to improve one’s garage door system. However, many variables go into determining whether to repair or replace a garage door. The above list is by no means exhaustive. That is why it is crucial to discuss garage door problems with a professional to help determine whether to repair or replace a garage door.

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