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Benefits of Replacing Home Windows in Winter

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What are the benefits of replacing windows in winter? Home window replacement in the winter months is an easy way to warm up the home and get rid of its drafty breezes! Professionals can take precautions as they replace windows in the winter. These precautions include installing one window at a time to manage the cold temperatures, sleet, and mud that come with cold weather. Check out our window replacement service here.

Tips for Winter Window Insulation

Even brand new windows benefit from good insulation. Well-insulated windows help save money on bills, keep the home comfortable, and increase energy efficiency. There are four methods homeowners can use to check for poorly insulated windows:
  • Matches or incense sticks can be lit and moved around in front of a window seam and frame to see how the smoke behaves. If the smoke blows in one direction or another, this signals a drafty air leak.
  • Looking at the edges of a window’s frame and seams can also help determine that insulation is needed. If tiny dots of sunlight are showing, homeowners need to insulate the gaps.
  • Lightly tapping on the panes with knuckles can test for motion. If the pane rattles, that means there is movement, which is a sign of air leakage.
  • On a rainy day, homeowners should run their fingers along the seam between the frame and the wall to check for moisture. Moisture can indicate cracks in the window frame.
Failing to insulate windows for the winter properly will make the heater work harder. In fact, 25% or more of a home’s energy loss may come from poorly insulated windows.

Benefits to Replace Home Windows in Winter

It is crucial to note that the suggestions above are temporary fixes for a permanent problem. Poorly insulated or broken windows in the winter can cause extreme discomfort for one’s family and bank account. Consequently, home window replacement in winter has many potential benefits for homeowners. If individuals are experiencing challenges with window insulation in their homes, their best option is to replace their windows. Professionals can install windows in the winter because they know which materials work best in winter weather conditions. Some of the top reasons and  benefits of replacing windows in the winter are:

An increase in home comfort

Why go through another winter with cold drafts when professionals can replace windows in the winter?

Lower energy costs

New windows will lower energy costs. Replacing windows during winter means not going through another winter with high energy bills from poor insulation.

Extended HVAC lifespan

Increased energy efficiency of new windows means the home’s HVAC system will not need to work as hard. Window replacement, therefore, contributes to extending the life of the home’s HVAC system.

Easier window replacement process

Winter is a slower season for home window replacement. Consequently, there are more deals. Moreover, the slower season also means an easier time scheduling. Contact Us Today

What You Should Know When Working With Window Replacement Companies

What are the benefits of replacing windows in winter? Proper replacement window installation is crucial for homeowners to receive the benefits of window replacement. Suppose a window is not installed correctly with the appropriate materials needed for home window replacement in the winter. In that case, the home will have drafts, and the promise of lower energy costs will go out the window! When working with a window replacement company, make sure you do the following:
  1. Prepare for window delivery: Coordinate with the company to ensure they’ve set in place everything that they need. If the company is delivering windows beforehand, they may require storage space. Homeowners will also need to decide on the timing of whether or not they will be home for the delivery.
  2. Clear the space for installers: This step can include furniture, planning for pets, and the snow.
  3. Get an understanding of timing: The crew’s size is a factor in determining how long the window replacement process will take. Likewise, weather conditions play a role.
Green T Services offers high quality window replacement and installation services for customers in Chicago, Illinois. We are a local, family-owned business that’s built its success from putting the customer first. Individuals looking for affordable home window replacement this winter can call us at 630-977-7777 or request a quote.

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