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Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts In Winter

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Benefits of cleaning air ducts in winter include improving indoor air quality, reducing energy costs to save homeowners money, and longevity of the HVAC system. Often, we think about rushing inside to avoid the cold or dreading the outdoors so much that we do not always realize how hard our air ducts are working every day to keep us warm. If the air ducts are dirty, then they will contaminate the air circulating in the home. One might be wondering, “is cleaning air ducts worth it?” Consider how our homes are tightly closed against the cold winter air, leaving us with air quality that is highly dependent on our air ducts and the extent to which those ducts are working.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts transfer air from the outdoors into the home and circulate the air throughout the house. The air duct cleaning process involves a negative pressure source removal method. This method loosens and removes contaminants such as dust and allergens without letting them enter back into the house. Air duct cleaning in the winter is crucial during the flu season to prevent illnesses from inside the home.

  • How much is air duct cleaning?
    • Depends! Every job is different. Green T Services has an air duct cleaning service program where we come to customers and inspect. Call us or email us to get started!
  • How does air duct cleaning work?
    • Cleaning air ducts consist of using a HEPA vacuum and other equipment. This equipment ensures the air duct gets blockage out completely.

Benefits for Cleaning Air Ducts in Winter

Cleaning the air ducts in the winter is one of the best times to service one’s air ducts. The HVAC system works faster and stronger during the winter. That means homeowners should handle maintenance before it starts to get cold. Why should the air ducts be cleaned? Because it can help reduce allergies, decrease bacteria, increase the heat, and extend the lifespan of the heater and other systems.

Reduces Winter Allergies

One wouldn’t think that there is such a thing as winter allergies, but there is. Most people get allergies in the spring or summer from pollen. However, winter allergies are mostly dust mites, pet hair, and mold. And since we are inside most of the winter, we are exposed to more of these allergies. Cleaning air ducts during the winter is the best way to remove these allergies from the air and breathe in clean air.

Reduces Virus & Bacteria

Reducing viruses and bacteria in the winter is one of the things clean air ducts can provide. The home has more viruses and bacteria in the winter because of the holidays. People stay indoors more often, preventing airflow from moving around. Things like mold, bacteria, and viruses thrive from warm and moist areas from the heater! The heat rises into the roof or walls, causing condensation, which is how winter mold forms. If people perfectly seal their homes for the winter, the air cannot move, causing mold.

Increased Heat Efficiency

Cleaning the air ducts in the winter can increase the heat in the home! Think of air ducts as a long tube. And now, let’s add holes to it and paper inside. The HVAC furnace has to work harder to give the house heat because things are preventing it from doing so. 

Extended Lifespan of HVAC

Cleaning the air ducts in the winter will help remove all blockage and save homeowners money overall. This practice is successful as customers don’t have to continually turn up the heat for it to work as it should. Cleaning the air ducts will, in turn, increase the lifespan of the furnace and other HVAC systems. Saving money and saving time.

What Should I Know About Getting Air Ducts Cleaned?

  • Use professionals: Cleaning air ducts is best left to professionals as they have the proper equipment and knowledge. 
  • Schedule early: Appointments will fill up as others decide to improve their indoor air quality during the cold months, and homeowners want to reserve themselves a spot.
  • Add dryer vent cleaning: According to the US Fire Administration, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. The number one cause is the absence of dryer vent cleaning.

Looking for Air Duct Cleaning Near Me? 

Green T Services is located in Aurora, IL and is one of the best air duct cleaning companies in Chicagoland area. Green T Services will help save on energy costs, improve the quality of the air customers breathe, and extend the lifespan of their HVAC systems. We can help our community get through the winter season! Fill free to contact us for more information.