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6 Easy Winter Home Improvement Projects

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There are many reasons to get involved in winter home improvement projects. Winter home improvement projects can refresh one’s living space and make one’s home safer and more comfortable. During the winter season, it is as easy to become enchanted by the warm, sparkly decor as it is for the cold weather to remind people of practicality. There are many options for winter DIY home projects that won’t take too much time or research. Professionals are also a great resource to bring home improvement projects to life and give homeowners a welcoming, renovated space.

Home Improvement DIY Projects for Beginners

Home DIY projects for beginners are the perfect COVID safe activity for anyone looking to save money and take on a challenge these winter months. Here are 6 easy winter home improvement projects to get newbies started:

Window and Door Replacement

  • When someone thinks of winter home improvement projects, window and door replacement might not come to mind. However, professionals may take measures to minimize heat loss, like replacing one window or door at a time, keeping clients’ homes warm in the winter. Someone’s house framing may also expand and contract in different temperatures and return to its usual size in the winter. This movement allows professionals to perform an accurate window replacement during the winter season, further preventing leaks and drafts.

Trimming Trees and Shrubs

  • Trimming trees and shrubs is another winter home improvement project that people might not expect. Landscaping in winter is fantastic because trees and shrubs bear greater visibility of their structure for pruning without their foliage. Plants nearby will not be disturbed during the wintertime since they are not in bloom. Additionally, because trees and shrubs are dormant in the winter, landscapers can avoid diseases and insect infestations. Typically diseases and insect infestations are active and quickly spread in the growing seasons of spring and summer.

Bathroom Renovation

  • Bathroom upgrades do not necessarily need to encompass a full remodel. Keep it simple by exchanging plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, countertops, shower doors, trim work, or decor like lamps and rugs to achieve the desired look. Bathroom renovation is one of the winter home improvement projects where one can spend a lot of time indoors.

Lawn Prep for Spring

  • Lawn care in the winter months is a winter DIY home project that includes just a few easy steps. These steps will prepare homeowners for enjoying the upcoming warmer seasons outdoors. The first step is aerating one’s lawn to open it up. The second step is fertilizing to provide nutrients as the weather gets tougher. Lastly, homeowners should pick up items like logs and toys to help prevent dead spots in the grass.

Safety Check

  • A reasonably easy winter DIY home project is a safety check for one’s home. Firstly, people can protect themselves this winter by testing and changing the batteries in their home’s smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Secondly, they can check the foundation vents. Homes with crawl spaces and closable foundation vents should have the vents closed for the winter to prevent water pipes from freezing. Homeowners’ winter home DIY projects can be crucial for winter home safety.

Fixing Squeaky Hinges

  • One might not jump to fix a squeaky hinge right away, but when one thinks about it, how many times can anyone remember being at least slightly bothered by the sounds coming from a door or cabinet in their home? It’s time to tackle those squeaks!

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Winter Home Improvement Projects Tips

As homeowners dive into their winter home improvement projects, keeping the following tips in mind is essential.

  • HVAC Service: A professional should service one’s heating system every year. Using a professional to keep one’s heating system working is crucial to safely tackle winter home improvement projects.
  • Less caffeine: If someone is doing a project where they will need to conserve their body temperature, caffeine causes peoples’ bodies to lose heat faster.
  • Ice and snow: Remove ice and snow from walkways to prevent slipping accidents.

These projects are a fantastic way to keep busy this winter. Whether one decides to hire professionals or do it themselves, one thing is for sure; the warmer months will be that much sweeter for homeowners with these improvements.

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