Commercial Disinfection Services

In these unprecedented times, Green T Services is here to help keep our community safe with residential and commercial disinfection services. 

In other words, Green T Services  is here for you with our Commercial Disinfectant Services.

What are commercial disinfection services?

Commercial disinfection services involve chemicals, heat, or UV lights that are applied through various methods to destroy COVID-19 and other infectious disease particles living on the surfaces of your establishment.

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19?

Cleaning and disinfection are two separate processes. 

Above all, cleaning involves using soap and water to wipe down surfaces and reduce the number of germs and dirt on a surface. Therefore, this is a helpful step in reducing possible exposure to viruses. We do not require clients to clean surfaces before our disinfectant treatments. 

However, we recommend taking this step as it is a part of the best practices recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of exposure. Because germs can live on any surface, disinfecting or sanitizing a surface actually kills the germs living on it. This is the most important precaution to take in the fight against deadly viruses living on the surface of your facility.

What is the process for our commercial disinfection services?

Above all, our crews will arrive at your site in full PPE. 

They then fog every surface within your location with an ultra-fine mist of the disinfectant DVF. This disinfectant, Sporicidin (EPA # 8383-3), is rated level 4 by the EPA and FDA. Therefore, it is effective against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases like the common cold and flu and safe for humans, animals, and the environment. 

The crew places a particular focus on spraying high-touch areas located between your knees and the top of your head. Once they have sprayed, our crews wait at least ten minutes for the solution to sit on the surfaces they’ve sprayed. This is the amount of time required for the disinfectant spray to break down virus particles and annihilate them. 

Then, after ten or more minutes, our crews wipe down any areas with overspray or excess puddling. The surfaces sprayed in this process will be wet afterward. 

By request, we can also sanitize common areas by hand, such as doorknobs, cabinet handles. 

We recommend one hour of dry time to fully allow the disinfectant spray to dry before bringing employees back into the recently fogged area.

Why do I need commercial disinfecting services?

According to the CDC, coronavirus can live on surfaces for days at a time. 

Because community settings like offices, churches, daycares, etc., are higher traffic, the CDC states that cleaning followed by disinfection of surfaces is a best practice for preventing the spread of coronavirus and other viral respiratory illnesses. 

Similarly, our residential and commercial disinfection services are for our community members who take their safety and the safety of those around them seriously.

Green T Services can disinfect your home or office with our team of experienced professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

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Russell, Boeman

From start to finish the carpet cleaning job was everything and more than what was expected. The quick response and over the phone quote was very specific and task oriented to make sure all information was accurate.

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Anonymous, A

I feel SO fortunate to have discovered Green T Services and learn the variety of services they provide. Recently, Brian G. (who turned out to be much more than a handyman), successfully completed a couple projects at my home. Brian's knowledge, efficiency, and professionalism, in addition to his friendliness and patience with me watching him and asking lots of questions was fantastic. Even with his attention to detail, he completed the work in the estimated amount of time and cost. I am now making a list of other needed work I will certainly call Green T for assistance. Thanks Brian!

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Chantal, Cowie

Brian performed handyman services for my apartment. He hung up tons of pictures and paintings with lightning speed. His work was immaculate. I was so impressed by his level of professionalism and quality of work. I am so happy I hired Green T Services for this job. Brian did a much better job than I ever could have, and my apartment looks fantastic now. I will be recommending Green T Services to all of my friends and family for every one of their home improvement service needs.

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Jill, W

Justin cleaned all our vents, and also cleaned our carpets. He was professional, friendly, and very informative. He told us exactly what he was going to do and how it was going to work, before beginning any work, and afterwards, he was good at telling us what had been better or worse than expected. We very much appreciated the information. He managed our expectations appropriately, letting us know which stains he probably would NOT be able to remove (for example, ones that had been there long enough to set). We would definitely use the company again, and hope to have Justin back if the work was suited to him!

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Twyler, Jenkins

I had Daniel Liscano as my technician today and his service was SUPERB! He was professional, nice, courteous, and went above and beyond to ensure I was a happy customer. I had three different services completed in my house and Daniel did not cut any corners on any of them. He was here all day from 9-5 and he worked very hard alone to clean, sanitize, deodorize, and disinfect my house. From the air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning, Daniel completed an EXCELLENT job! This is something I had been wanting to do for a long time and finally took the time to schedule the appointment and I am really happy I did! I can breath better and my allergies are not bothering me as much already! Thank you Daniel and thank you Green T for delivering on your promise of service and professionalism! It was worth every penny! I will be ordering more services soon!

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Andrew, Orozco

Danny was the Air Duct Technician who assisted us. He was absolutely phenomenal! Danny was courteous, friendly and explained in detail. He walked me through all the steps, set proper expectation and followed through. I appreciate Danny for going above and beyond. I will use Green T again and I would recommend their service.

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